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Rhia O’Reilly – as featured on British Bodyslam – 22nd May 2013

Rhia O’ Reilly is a British ground style technical wrestler from Northern Island!! Rhia is mean, feisty and isn’t afraid to brawl to get her to the top.

Rhia O’ Reilly stands reasonably tall at 5′ 7” and weighs in at 154 pounds!! she has a great frame and does not hesitate to use it to her advantage. Rhia’s finished is the “Rhiadjustment”, which is a snazzy title related to her wrestling name.

Rhia is currently residing in London, her interest in wrestling came from watching wrestling as a teenager and she quickly fell in love with it. Trish Stratus was very inspiring to her and she got to watch her progress from no wrestling experience to training on the road and seeing how she improved in leaps and bounds! Watching her get put through a table by the Dudley’s was the first time a female really made me have a huge emotional response to wrestling and that’s when i knew i wanted to get involved.

Rhia began her wrestling training under the tutelage of Lance Storm at the storm wrestling academy at Calgary, Alberta, Canada. On returning to the UK Rhia continued training under British Wrestler Justin Richards and went on to make her debut in May 2010 at the first ever Pro wrestling EVE show. Since her first ever debut show she has worked for top companies in Scotland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and the USA.

Rhia is very impressive and to show this she is currently on the roster for many prominent companies such as Eve, Bellatrix and Fierce Females in the UK and Shimmer and Shine in the USA. I was the first European to work for Femme Fatales in Canada. I am currently the Bellatrix British Champion too!

Along her wrestling path she has had the brilliant opportunity to work with many great names including the likes of Saraya Knight, Cheerleader Melissa, and MsChif,  Rhia’s favourite opponents to date are Erin Angel and Davina Rose (Bayley in NXT)

Rhia is currently training with ”Hardcore” Jimmy Havoc at the Progress Training School in London, and if this isn’t enough she is also an assistant coach for the all female training sessions.

if you haven’t seen Rhia in action they i strongly suggest you get on YouTube and watch some of her very best matches

The matches and videos i recommend are :

Vyper vs. Rhia O’Reilly – SWA in Beith (March 2013)
Rhia O’Reilly Vs Nikki Storm – 3 minute warning match at Pro wrestling Eve, (October 2010)
Jezabeth vs. Rhia O’Reilly – 2nd September 2010 – STC Club In New Eltham, London.
Pollyanna v Janey B v Rhia O’Reilly – 3 way women’s match between the BWE women we see the return of Janey B and Rhia O’Reilly and the debut of Pollyanna.
Rhia O’ Reilly Promo Video

There is no doubting at how talented Rhia O’ Reilly is, but we are all thinking who influenced her??
well it was none other than the current leader of the WWE women’s division in the shape of Sara Del Ray. Madison Eagles and Courtney Rush are her other two big influences in wrestling.

Rhia has lived with the aspiration that one day she will become a title holder in the UK! She has a unique look and her former look of flaming red her came from being inspired after seeing the program ”My so called life”

Rhia O’ Reilly’s upcoming shows she will be involved in are as follows:

25th May Pro Wrestling EVE, Nottingham – challenging Nikki Storm for the title

1st June UK Main Event Wrestling,  Maidstone

23rd June Bellatrix, Norwich and on iPPV – WAW British title match against her opponent Erin Angel

I would like to personally thank Rhia for taking the time to help me put this article together. You can keep up to date with Rhia on her twitter page which is @rdpixie.

Remember support your local women’s wrestling scene!!!

Viper : as featured on British Bodyslam – 15th May 2013

Viper is none other than a predominant ball of fire who is definitely one to watch when it comes to Women’s wrestling in the UK.

Viper who stands elevated at 5’9” and weighs in at a very reasonable 210 pounds. She is a brilliant talent who is in the midst of the hotbed for women’s wrestling in Scotland. As you know women’s wrestling in the UK is very underrated and they have to work twice as hard to show that they are workers and not ”Divas” there are no surprises that Viper is ‘One to watch’ especially with her signature moves such as ‘Viper Driver’ her take on the Michinoku Driver, ‘Viper Bomb’ and her very own interpretation of the electric face buster in which she deems ”The snake bite” which is a play on her wrestling name Viper. She is not one to be messed with, i fear for those who have to face her in the ring, they won’t come out on top put it that way. Viper will battle her way to the top and is not afraid of a challenge. She has a very overpowering frame which really plays a part in her getting what she believes is rightfully hers.

Viper has worked for many top companies around the country such Scottish Companies : Scottish wrestling Alliance, Insane Championship Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling:Fierce Females, World Wide Wrestling League, and Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, Companies in England such as : Pro Wrestling Eve, WAWW, WAW, Rad Pro Wrestling, Futureshock Wrestling, HXC, Target Wrestling and New Breed Wrestling Association, Companies based in France such as : Wrestling Stars, and ABC Catch. She has a very impressive number of companies she has worked for as well as gaining more experience along her journey.

Viper made her EVE Debut as part of the EVE v Ice Ribbon Series in October 2011 where she earned victories over Kirsty Love and Super Janey B before falling to Alpha Female in a triple threat match that also involved Rhia O’Reilly.
Viper returned to EVE action at the No Man’s Land iPPV back in February defeating Janey Britannico and Kirsty Love in an opening round match in the 2012 Queen Of The Ring Tournament before being disqualified in her semi-final match against eventual winner “The Dynamite Queen” Nikki Storm.


Photo credit : Viper

Viper has reached a new high when it comes to her level of achievements, there are so many moments in her career that will stick not only with her but her fans too. Viper’s notable matches are indeed her match between her and Kay Lee Ray for the ICW:FF championship (One of my personal face Matches), Viper and Bete Noire at ICW:FF and ICW tramspotting, Viper and her She-X tag team Partner Bete Noire v April Davids and Kaori Yoneyama to win mini tag team tournament at Pro Wrestling Eve, and last but not least her match against ‘The Lancashire Terrier’ April Davids for the women’s championship at Futureshock Wrestling.

Viper is a extremely dominant and powerful brawler who has gone through her career and made her mark on the wrestling industry with her unique character and look. Indeed she is a beautiful girl with long flowing locks but that’s where her girliness ends were her career is concerned. She is in the midst of her career and will continue to crack skulls!!! Be sure to watch her in action whether it be her solo work or her work in tag Team She-X which are involved in a ongoing feud at this present with Ama Reilly at Pro Wrestling Eve.

You can join Viper in her shenanigans on her FB page which is www.facebook.com//Vipersmash and her twitter page which is @missviper91 and her website is www.scottishviper.co.uk.

You can find her matches on youtube from various companies.

I would like to personally thanks Viper for her time in helping me create this biography.

Carmel Jacob :as featured on “Lipsticks, hairflicks and dropkicks” – 3rd May 2013.

Carmel Jacobs is a name that is on everybody’s lips at the moment. She is none other than a Scottish wrestler who just so happens to be a terrific heel in the wrestling business with a list of accomplishments then i have had not dinners. But what make her stand out? is it her ability to make you shit scared as soon as she appears, is it her ability to make the crowd chant “Booooooo” and other obscene words at the top of their voices? (if they dare of course) is it her flamboyant ring gear that grabs your full attention? it could be all of these things, however for me it’s the fact she plays such a wonderful heel we have all grown to love to hate.


Photo credit : Pro Wrestling Eve

There are no surprises she is hot property in the wrestling industry at the moment, with women’s wrestling being a fickle thing. Carmel stands at 5′ 5” and weighing in at 133|bs, makes her a petite but dominant fighter and is prepared to do anything to get her to the top. Carmel started her wrestling training in 2005 at the PBW academy and was trained by Miscellaneous (SPWA). Carmel’s signature move is Top-Rope Hurricanrana.

She has wrestled at numerous companies such as Pro Wrestling EVE; The Wrestling Factory; DWA (Germany); CWN (Germany); GWF (Germany); GSW (Germany) *Champion*; FFCP (France); ABC (France); DPW (Denmark); ELCA (France); BCW; PBW; W3L *Champion*; SWA; ICW; ICW Fierce Females; Power Slam; WrestleZone; KPW; Source; SSW; UKW; 3CW; ProWrestling4u; PCW; NPWA; NBWA; Wutech Wrestle; EAW and many more.

Along her journey making her mark she has become the current German Stampede Wrestling Women’s Champion and the current World Wide Wrestling League (Scotland) Women’s Champion! she has a lot under her belt and this is only the beginning for the champion. Last year she got to compete against former WWE diva and current TNA knockout Mickie James! and former TNA knockout Angelina Love. Which i can imagine Carmel is very proud of those achievements in her career, i heard so much positive feedback about both those matches.

During her career Carmel has had the privilege to work alongside Angelina Love, Nikki Storm, Mickie James, Drew McIntyre, Joe E Legend, Marty Janetty, LuFisto, Wesna, ‘Girl Dynamite’ Jennifer Blake, Pippa L ‘Vinne, Lisa Fury, Sweet Saraya, Shanna, Miss Mina, Erin Angel, Fight Club, Wolfgang, Chimaera, Amy Morgane,
Roxy, Sara-Marie-Taylor, Rhia, Bacardi, Nikki Storm and many more.

Carmel’s influences on the great wrestler she is today are none other than Gail Kim and Lisa Marie Varon. She has always lived by the aspiration that with every target she reaches she sets herself a new one and she will ultimately work a hard as she can to get as far as she possibly can. Carmel has been wresting for an impressive 6 years.

There are two things you may not know about Carmel, 1 – She has a MSc Honours degree in Psychology. 2 – she is obsessed with the original flavoured lucozade.

Carmel first debuted for my hometown promotion Preston City Wrestling (PCW) in April 2012 at Never Give Up in a blinding contest against KayLee Ray, defeating the red headed beauty. She would also appear in the Rumble Match later that night but unfortunately would not be the winner on that occasion.

My personal favourite and most insane highlight of Carmel’s career is from ICW Fierce Females, she took a bump off the top rope by her opponent Kay Lee Ray which resulted in her getting thumbtacks lodged into her backside! ouch!!! This is why i love fierce females! anything goes and the women are as tough as old boots!!

If you have not seen Carmel yet in action then go and see what she is made of, she is very impressive and has certainly won my heart, if you can’t travel for whatever reason then catch up with her matches on You Tube. There is always a way. I think it’s certainly safe to say Carmel Jacob is here to stay and the women’s wrestling scene is flourishing beautifully at this present in 2013.

Bete Noire article : as featured on “Lipsticks, hairflicks and dropkicks” – 3rd May 2013

Bete Noire : as featured on “Lipsticks, hairflicks and dropkicks” – 3rd May 2013.

Bete Noire is a name that could never be forgotten.

Bete Noire is a professional wrestler from Glasgow. She is fierce and she don’t care who knows it! The dark haired beauty certainly knows how to handle herself in the ring. I think it’s safe to say she takes no prisoners.

Bete Noire began her her training in 2010 at the Source Wrestling School based in Pollockshaws, Glasgow. Bete was trained by head trainers Mikey Whiplash and Damian O’ Connor who both taught her the wide range of skills and techniques she puts to use in the ring today. Bete has taken part in regular training seminars taken by Jack Gallagher, Doug Williams, Paul Tracey, Drew McDonald, Jetta, Erin Angel.

Bete Noire made her in-ring début in September 2011 as Lindsay Turner for Source in Erskine, Where her opponent was none other than one of Scotland’s most talented and toughest Nikki Storm. Sadly Bete was unsuccessful in her debut this time but that did not stop her fighting for what she believed was rightfully hers. The two of them went on to compete on several occasions in late 2011 and early 2012.

In May of 2012 Bete lost the battle to Nikki Storm a few times, Bete thought, to paraphrase Owen Hart, enough was enough and she needed a change that was going to captivate the audience. She no longer felt she wanted to portray the character of Lindsay Turner. She wanted to be herself so therefore become Lindsay ‘Marauder’ Shields.

Noire first made her debut for Scottish Wrestling Alliance in June 2012 where she teamed up with unique character Jam O Malley. This was a whole new surrounding for Bete but the same eagerness of wanting to win was always there no matter where she performs. In SWA Bete faced an old foe in the shape of Scottish wrestler Nikki Storm who teamed up with Glen Dunbar to face Bete Noire and Jam O malley. Being denied victory by Storm & Dunbar’s underhand tactics may have cost her and her team-mate a win but it didn’t stop Noire showing that she was more than talented enough to face some of the best in SWA and push them to their limits within the ring. Bete was also given the chance to work alongside big names such as Viper, Nikki Storm, Polly Anna and Kirsty Love.


Photo credit : David James Wilson.

Bete Noire maybe well known in Scotland but that’s not the only place she gained everyone’s attention and respect, she garnered attention whilst she wrestled for The wrestle factory in Manchester, showing everyone how amazingly talented and free spirited she was by willing to try new styles and techniques where her wrestling career was concerned.

In September 2012 Bete wanted another change so this was it, Bete Noire came in full force, no more Lindsay Turner, no more Lindsay Shields. Bete arrived in the UK and certainly made her mark at Insane Championship wrestling’s all female sister company ICW Fierce Females. She first attended the Fierce Females debut show which had taken place on September 30th 2012 where she faced opponent Viper who was another popular and very talented wrestler who has a huge list of Accomplishments of her own. They both showed that night what they where indeed capable of in and outside the ring, they are famous for brawling into the audience and at ring side as well as in the ring. There is something about Noire and Viper that when you put them together there ability to bounce of each other and put on 5 star match is out of this world. This quote to explain the match perfect is from The spotlight on Bete Noire by our affiliates Wrestle Ropes “Many people regarded the match as the stand-out match of the show as both competitors went to war on each other. Bete Noire was a brutal, hard hitter who used power and force to decimate opponents. Anybody who was unfamiliar with Noire before September 30th was well versed in her talents and ability when the show was finished” If your not familiar with Bete’s debut match against Viper then i strongly suggest you buy the Fierce Females DVD which is being sold worldwide.

Just a few short months after her debut show in Fierce Females, Bete was given the chance to shine yet again with a brand new audience at Pro-Wrestling: EVE’s WrestleFever iPPV where she teamed up with her Fierce Females opponent, Viper to form the tag team of She-X. .The team of She-X took on the teams of Rhia O’Reilly & Amazon Ayesha Ray and The Owens Twins in a 3-Way match, winning the match and leaving a lasting impression on those watching. However, picking up the victory in one match was not enough for She-X as they competed in a second match later that night against the team of April Davids & Kaori Yoneyama, again picking up the victory against a formidable team. A stand-out moment to many during the show was Bete Noire launching herself from the top rope on to her opponents outside the ring as she screamed, “I regret nothing”, an indication that Noire will do anything to win. Bete is such a dominant character which really comes across to the audience. Bete has had the superb opportunity of Working with opponents Rhia O’Rielly, The Owen Twins, Multiple Japanese Women Pro-Wrestling Project Champion Kaori Yoneyama, April Davids and Portugals Perfect Athlete Shanna.

After Bete was proven popular in her debut as part of the Tag team She x she whipped up victories along the way, as a result of them been so popular they where entered as a part of the Pro-Wrestling: EVE Tag Team Championship tournament and faced Rhia O’Reilly & Amazon Ayesha Ray in the quarter finals on February 2nd. However the quarter finals got out of hand and turned into both tag teams going into fits of rage against each other. As a result of their unprofessional behaviour the match was deemed a no-contest. Once again, Bete Noire’s brutal, smash-mouth style was on show, a style often matched by her tag team partner, Viper. Noire showed the opposing team and everyone else on the Pro-Wrestling: EVE roster that she was not there to mess around, she meant business!!

Bete Noire made her debut on February 17th at Insane Championships wrestling’s debut show ‘Tramspotting’ in Edinburgh where her once She X tag team partner Viper is now her opponent! Bete was out for blood and also wanted the chance to advance in Fierce Females Championship tournament to crown the first ever champion. The match the two had was so brutal that Bete Noire was bust open
by Viper leading to her face being covered in her own blood, this match shocked a lot of people and they were hungry for more! Bete’s face was just a crimson mask with not one spot of her ivory pale skin shining through. Bete Noire has said since the match that it is a moment she is proud of in her career to spill her own blood. Although unsuccessful in the match, Bete now has her feet planted firmly on the ground in the UK wrestling scene as a leading talent who has shown everyone what she is willing do in the pursuit of victory.

Bete has the honour of been awarded “ of the Night” by Wrestleshark.com for “Noire Vs Viper: The Rematch” at Insane Championship Wrestling: Tramspotting on 17/02/2013. This match will also be featured on the Tramspotting DVD to be sold worldwide.

Bete is not only a very talented female wrestler but she a background in Thai Boxing and Judo (Blue belt), she trained in both from a very young age. And she also holds an impressive 5 years of Poi fire spinning and fire blowing techniques.

2 fascinating facts you may not know about Bete Noire: 1 – She loves baking and can ice 100 cupcakes in under 5 minutes!
2 – She can drink 42 cups of tea in on day!

Noire’s influences in wrestling include William Regal, Lita, Christian, Victoria and Scream queen Daffney.

Noire’s aspiration is hoping to one day have the opportunity to wrestle in America.

As 2013 rolls on, Bete Noire continues to train at the Source Wrestling School tutored by Damien O’Connor and Mikey Whiplash as well as continue to impress throughout the UK. Noire will no doubt continue to gain more fans and exposure to her ever-growing fan base and the call of European, Japanese & American wrestling companies will surely come her way. One thing is definitely assured with Bete Noire, wherever she wrestles, she will smash faces and regret nothing!.

I would personally like to thank Bete Noire, Wrestle Ropes, Fierce Females, SWA, Wrestleshark and anyone else mentioned for helping me gather this wonderful information to create my very own unique article on Bete Noire.

Find Bete Noire by the following ways below:
Bete Noire Facebook page
Bete Noire Twitter: @betenoiresmash


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