Here are the great folks who we are affiliated with that all do an exceptional job to support British wrestling.

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We Are Wrestling Travel.


In the Glory Years of professional wrestling in the UK Joint Promotions ran an estimated 4,500 shows a year, these came from great venues such as Belle Vue, Victoria Hall in Hanley, Haringey Stadium, Kelvin Hall in Glasgow, Blackpool Tower, the opulent Royal Albert Hall or closer to home The Liverpool Stadium (pictured below), our goal is to make the modern day wrestling companies and venues more accessible to fans and act not only as a travel club but as a social hub for like minded people. Please peruse our website at your leisure and see if you like us, I am sure you will.

Insane Fanzine

ICW insane fanzine

The ICW Fanzine ‘Insane!’ is still in its infancy yet in just a few months has become a popular purchase for the Insane Championship Wrestling fans at shows and online, and continues to grow month-by-month. Edited by Neil Murray and with regular features by writers Scott Reid and Jamie Kennedy, Insane! brings a new dimension to Scottish wrestling journalism for the ICW fanbase. The unique look to the mag, designed by Afterlife Designs, also now includes photographs by talented young photographer Chelsea Cochrane and the more experienced David J. Wilson. Insane! features regular event previews and reviews, interviews and guest columnists amongst others.

Ringside World


Ringside World is a website dedicated to helping the UK Wrestling and MMA scene grow in popularity. We show no bias or negativity to any promotions and simply give promoters the chance to put their product in the spotlight and showcase it to the people that matter, the fans!
We list events and sell tickets for shows up and down the country, whilst enabling local training schools to showcase their work to a wider audience.
Our services allow promoters to have online management of their shows and a statistical breakdown, of how their event is progressing. We provide them with the tools to promote their product to the right people, by offering a range of different marketing and advertising options, via the website, social media and by e-mail campaigns.
It is not only promoters that we are trying to help though, we also want to get some of the many talented training schools situated across the country, further exposure and allow new people to discover the wonderful world of Wrestling and MMA.
We also bring you links to the best of British Wrestling and MMA podcasts, radio shows and blogs, which are the mouthpiece of these great sports.

Science Fiction Studios


Science Fiction Studios might possibly be the most bizarre thing in British Wrestling outside of a Mad Man Manson match. Starting in 2012, Science Fiction (and it’s sister show ‘PC Fiction’) chronicle some of the events occurring in Grand Pro Wrestling and Preston City Wrestling with hosts Professor Mike Holmes & Voodoo. The only BritWres comedy vlog on YouTube, In Sci-Fi you can find Bubblegum engaging in a Battlerap, Paul London & Brian Kendrick playing strip poker, Kris Travis reenacting ‘Pulp Fiction’ and pretty much every kind of parody imaginable. With a loyal cult following and with ‘hilariously bizarre’ being the standard bearer for each episode, it’s no wonder why people are itchin’ for more Science Fiction!

Wrestle Ropes

Wrestle Ropes is focused on bringing the latest, most up-to-date news from the British wrestling scene to fans in one, easy to access place. Wrestle Ropes only publishes factual information, no hearsay. In addition to bring the latest UK news, Wrestle Ropes also brings fans original articles such as our very popular ‘Wrestle in the Spotlight’ along with show and DVD reviews from various contributors. We also regularly post live updates from wrestling shows all over the UK as well as full results articles for the majority of shows each week



At WrestleShark Media we are dedicated to the expansion and improvement of professional wrestling at home and abroad. We are not a dirt sheet , rumours and hearsay are best left to others. We strive to create content which is mutually beneficial for fans and promoters alike by forming working relationships with companies throughout the UK, Europe and America.
Run by a crack team of industry insiders, journalists, wrestlers and trainees, WrestleShark has carved out a name as the Apex Predator of Scottish wrestling news. Operating on and presenting the Big WrestleShark Show, the UK’s only weekly, FM, wrestling radio show every Tuesday night on Pulse 98.4 or

Scottish Wrestling Ring


“Scottish Wrestling Ring” is a site about all things wrestling from Scotland, be it up-coming events, results news and more from all things Scottish in wrestling.

Heels In Pink.

Heels In Pink

Heels In Pink was born out of a love for wrestling and a frustration at the lack of fabulous wrestling swag for girls. We decided that the female fans deserved better, and so set about designing a range of wrestling inspired jewellery. So if you are a girl who loves wrestling, or you know a girl who loves wrestling then this is the site for you!

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