The View From Ringside – Paul Williams reviews RWA Boiling Point

The show

“Bell time soon came and the show began as usual with a junior contest which I think is great as it allows some of the younger trainees to showcase their skills, get used to being in front of a crowd and calling matches and spots as they work. This contest was between Sayde Vainne, Seth Skyline and current junior champion Bullet. All 3 lads did a good job of getting their character across, getting the crowd involved and added comedy into the mix too, all in all a strong match put together and with a storyline finish which will be continued next show!!

After this match the GM came out (to boos of course) and carried on a simmering storyline between one of the current tag teams Babyfaced Pitbull and AC Kage.
Then it was on with the main of the bruising action!!
Matches between Burt Bridge Vs Dave Dunn (this was a hard, bruising affair),
NXL champion Troy McCarthy Vs Tommy Haden (great athletic match),
AC Kage Vs Ronan Sheridan (some great bumps in this one),
Gym Powers Vs Dave Sorby (some comedy gold from these 2 which I always love),
Tag team champs The Runcorn Rockers Vs Little Fab (some fast paced exchanges and heavy thumps during this match),
Paddy D Vs Babyfaced Pitbull (Pitbull continues to impress and Paddy D is no slouch either),
Matt Fox Vs Adam Cairns (quick blink and you missed cheeky roll up win for young Adam).

And finally an excellent contest between the current heavyweight champion Dan Evans Vs Zack ‘Diamond’ Gibson!!

Now Zack having started his training with RWA years ago, this was somewhat of a homecoming for him and the crowd let him know they appreciated him!!
Both he and Dan put on a great match with near falls, big power moves exchanged, dives to the floor and even a little unintentional comedy spot from Zack with drama at the end with the sneaky GM involved again!! This match did what it was meant to do and had the crowd whipped up a few times and sent home happy, if a little disappointed with the result!!

9 matches is a packed card in general for any show and this was no different leading to a rapid fire approach and kept the crowd moving with them (which sometimes doesn’t happen leading to an overall loss of momentum), all this and the crowd only paid £4 entry!!!! BARGAIN.

All together we (I had my 2 kids with me for the whole day) had a great day from start to finish, even getting a few pics with their favourites at the end!! If your anywhere in the North West on RWA show days, the next being the 20th July then have a look for their website (an easy google away) get down there and support your local wrestling!

If you’ve ever wanted to have a go yourself, see how it’s done or get involved then RWA are there every Saturday from 10:30 till 3 EVERY week so what are u waiting for!! My only regret of the whole day was that I didn’t do it sooner!

Big thanks to everyone over at the RWA for making us so welcome and putting on another entertaining show, see you next week!! :-)”


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