The View From Ringside – Paul Williams reviews Futureshock 68

Futureshock 68 – a review by Paul Williams.

“A Futureshock event having been my 1st UK based show months back, these have become our families favourite and we couldn’t wait for last Sunday!!
The queue was buzzing with talk of the matches ahead, possible other matches and general excitement that these cards usually provide!!
The Futureshock experience is always a pretty slick affair with some of the best talent in the country on show, hosted by Magic Mark Adams and Metrosexual Matt Taylor.
The action always comes at you thick and fast, sometimes spilling into the crowd or around the hall and with leaps to the floor, chairs and tables sometimes in the mix too you’re sure to be entertained no matter who happens to be booked on that particular day!! Story-lines abound and are well built and never rushed, always coming to fruition at a natural pace and played to a tee by all involved!! I’m yet to leave a Futureshock show disappointed and this was no different!!

The matches on show were as follows:-
Triple threat with Raynaldo, Sam Bailey and Axl Rage (Rage with the win after a mix up by the other 2 men),

Debut match for Justin Price Vs fellow trainee Sonur Durson (Durson winning by DQ after Justin’s friends The Models got involved),

6-man tag with Si Valour, Sparx and Josh Bodum Vs Xander Cooper, Don Meacho and Ryan Bodum (Xander’s men winning via sneaky shenanigans),

April Davids defending her women’s belt Vs Viper (Viper wins after a blindside attack by debutant ring entrant Danni Hunter),

Dave Rayne’s open challenge was answered by Nordic warrior (Dave won with his DV8),

Main event with Zack Gibson and Joe Vega Vs heavyweight champ Alex Cyanide and T-bone (Zack and Joey win with a surprise roll up between Joe and T-bone).

Personal highlights of the night were :-April and Vipers match and shock attack from Danni Hunter (this will be one to follow)
The Models (in new ring attire) always entertaining and Justin impressed in his debut!!
During the main event when Zack dove for Cyanide and nearly tore the house down LITERALLY!!!!
And Nordic warrior and his comedy hammer gimmick played perfectly by Dave!!

If u haven’t been to a Futureshock show yet, why not?
Do yourself a favour and get tickets for their next show Underground 2 on August 3rd in Prestwich.
Ill give u my personal guarantee u won’t be disapointed and with main event of Doug Williams Vs CHAMPION Cyanide, I’d put my house on the fact this will another blinder from the Futureshock boys n girls.

See u all there Paul,
DJSparxUK on twitter!! ;-)”

For more info on Futureshock, check out their website at
You can also follow them on Twitter – @FutureShockWres.


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