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Last night’s show.

Well last night was our 2nd edition of BKBB. We discussed such topics as the new company on the block, Pro Wrestling Kingdom, the “evolution” of House Of Pain, Kez profiled Aja Kong, Insane Championship Wrestling was in our BKBB spotlight plus much, much more!

Didn’t manage to listen in last night? Well you can at any time at Let us know what you think – any feedback is welcome!!!


Coming soon : Women’s Wrestling Weekly.

As you may know, Kez is planning her own podcast called “Women’s Wrestling Weekly”, dedicated to the women’s wrestling scene both in the UK AND internationally.

Well I can now reveal she will be releasing her first podcast on Friday 3rd May at 8pm.

More details to follow……..

A quick update

We have come up against another stumbling block this week ahead of our first live show on BlogTalkRadio.

Unfortunately, their website succumbed to a DDOS attack at the end of last week. In layman terms, it’s a severe attack on their servers, an attack that has sidelined Amazon, and many U.S government websites in recent months. The fact that they’re still functioning as a site is remarkable and it’s certainly not their fault. However, it ultimately means we will not be able to go live until it is sorted out.

Thankfully, when we podcasted last week, it proved quite successful and we had some amazing feedback from it. So we have decided to go along this route until the problem at BTR is sorted. Whether we will have a ‘live’ show next week is up in the air but we will keep you informed.

The main thing is we are still on the air at their website this Wednesday night at 9pm. So please join us then and if you haven’t already, give our first show a listen at

Once again, thank you all for your support during this quite tumultuous and stressful time – you guys are as much a part of BKBB as we are so we thank you!!!

Our first show……

Hi folks!!!

We had our first show this past Wednesday. After many trials and tribulations including equipment failure, we weren’t able to go live this week BUT we did podcast the show and will be going live next Wednesday at 9pm.

Did catch the show? Give it a listen here

Let us know what you think – any feedback is greatly appreciated!!!


Hi guys!!!

Finally, we’ve managed to update the page.  And we’ve added a few extras : a quiz page for our upcoming weekly quiz AND a contact page where you’ll find all our details for Facebook, Twitter and email.

Now, a quick update on where we’re at :

Long story short, we’ve gone independent and will now be doing a live online radio show on BlogTalkRadio each Wednesday night at 9pm, starting this coming week on the 17th April, the player you can find for which on our show page.

We’ve got a load of other plans too including coming soon, several podcast interview specials, the first 2 of which will be with The Alpha Female and Mad Man Manson.  So keep your eyes out for those folks and remember to give us a like on Facebook if you haven’t already and a follow on Twitter!!!