Monthly Archives: March 2013


Welcome one and all to Baz and Kez’s British BodySlam.

I am Kez and my husband is Baz. We are “The First Couple of Wrestling Radio”.  We are two very passionate wrestling fans who are huge believers of supporting your local wrestling scene.  So within our show we discuss the latest happenings in British wrestling as well both WWE and TNA and the international scene.

We were called “Wam Bam Bodyslam”, well until today that is – with some thought, we’ve decided to make this venture a little more personal by putting our name to it!

Everything that Wam Bam Bodyslam was about still remains – the same banter and discussion fortnightly on Mondays on 103.2 Preston FM but with a little something extra – every other week, a new online live radio show, which will be airing Wednesdays at 9pm.

While the details of which are still being worked out, you can catch all the latest news, views and reviews at both our Facebook and Twitter pages, the links to which are at the top of the page.